Countdown to Logie night

Scott Cam is a TV Week Gold Logie nominee for Most Popular Personality on Australian TV.Many are nominated, few win and everyone has an opinion. It wouldn’t be the Logies without the argy bargy of disagreement, about who ought to have one, who didn’t deserve theirs, or indeed about the value of the awards themselves.
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In the television business they are both sacred and superfluous, at once something to be pursued at any cost, and also a conversational football which is, every year, giving a rare and brutal kicking for the amusement of the masses.

But the inescapable truth is this: everyone within arm’s reach of them wants one. And, unless you know how to game the system, you’re fighting an uphill battle to wrestle Australia’s voting public from their TV-host-of-the-moment-inspired inertia.

In truth, awards nights are largely smoke and mirrors, from the Oscars down, a sort of manufactured pageantry packaged as entertainment and largely intended to give viewers, strapped to their couches, a meat parade of the who’s-who, the who-used-to-be and the who’d-like-to-be of showbusiness.

Much of the competition is on the red carpet – fingers crossed there’s a lift in the quality of interrogation on offer there this year – but some of it is still left on the stage, as actors and actresses, presenters and programs, slug it out in the key categories for a little golden man named Logie.

The most striking thing about the most important category of the night – the Gold Logie – is that everyone in it has been nominated previously, which suggests, with respect, that Australian television needs to stir up the gene pool a little.

A win would be a glorious footnote for Hollywood-bound Stephen Peacocke, but given this category has a historical lean towards safe and solid, it would take a small miracle to unseat Nine’s safe-as-houses Scott Cam.

Seven’s Home and Away had a historical hold on the Silver Logie for the most popular actor, so it was a surprise win last year for ABC’s Chris Lilley. So, does Jonah from Tonga resonate in the same way? Best in class here would be Craig McLachlan whose performance in The Doctor Blake Mysteries confirms his depth and range.

Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America, Nine)

Asher Keddie (Offspring/Party Tricks, Ten)

Carrie Bickmore (The Project, Ten)

Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America, Nine)

Scott Cam (The Block, Nine)

Stephen Peacocke (Home and Away, Seven)

Chris Lilley (Jonah From Tonga, ABC)

Craig McLachlan (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, ABC)

Josh Thomas (Please Like Me, ABC 2)

Luke Arnold (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Seven)

Stephen Peacocke (Home and Away, Seven)

Asher Keddie (Offspring/Party Tricks, Ten)

Bonnie Sveen (Home and Away, Seven)

Jessica Marais (Carlotta/Love Child, ABC/Nine)

Julia Morris (House Husbands, Nine)

Mandy McElhinney (Love Child, Nine)

Janet King (ABC)

Puberty Blues (Ten)

Rake (ABC)

The Code (ABC)

Wentworth (SoHo)

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