Wolfmother are back in town

Wolfmother are in Bendigo for the third year running.REGIONAL Victoria is familiar territory for Aussie rockers Wolfmother.

This year is the third year in a row the group will play in Bendigo. They previously played at the Golden Vine in May, 2013, and April, 2014.

It is also the first time Wolfmother will play at GTM.

“We have never played GTM and it seems like it’s getting bigger,” frontman Andrew Stockdale said.

“The regional festivals have spoken. I think Bendigo is becoming like rock and roll central. We always get a great response there.”

In 2013, Wolfmother played a spontaneous gig in Bendigo while on a road trip.

“My friends had a 1966 Monaro and we thought let’s drive from Melbourne to Sydney. We called up our agent and got him to book gigs along the way,” Stockdale said.

“I remember heading to Bendigo and we pulled up in front of the venue and thought we’d do a burn out for the crowd.

“We did a burn out and one of the guys pointed out our front light wasn’t working, so he fixed it for us. That was a great Bendigo experience.”

Last year’s Bendigo show was off the back of Wolfmother’s latest album, New Crown.

The album gave Stockdale his first taste of mixing.

“I said ‘let me have a go at mixing’. I had to get it out of my system and try it,” he said.

“It doesn’t sound like commercial (album standard but I like the fuzzy, muddy, swampy, wild sound.

New Crown is a throwback to the early days of Wolfmother.

“It’s for all the rock and roll purists who like garage rock,” Stockdale said.

“Naysayers will say it’s not sonically good enough and that a band like Wolfmother should have a certain quality.

“But I’ve gone to the best studios, spent my own money, worked with the best and finished with sterile, unusable recordings.

“I’ve also done stuff with a bunch of local dudes that has had so much charm and expression in the recording.”

Wolfmother play at Bendigo GTM at 7.55pm.

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Giant plane ushers in new era for aviation in WA

The first A380 to land in Perth is on its way. Photo: Supplied The A380 as seen from the ground as it makes its way over Perth Photo: Tazli Bowe

The world’s largest commercial aircraft, the Airbus A380, is set to touch down at Perth Airport on Friday evening for the first time – ushering in a new era for aviation in Western Australia.

An A380-capable gate was commissioned at Terminal 1 in December 2013 as part of Perth Airport’s $1 billion redevelopment.

With the airport now ready for the giant plane, the A380 is expected to be greeted “by a VIP delegation and an impressive water cannon salute” as it lands, according to a spokesperson for Perth Airport.

Rob Gurney, Emirates divisional vice president for commercial operations in Australia, said the double-decker aircraft would transport up to 982 passengers inbound and outbound daily between Perth and the Emirates’ hub, Dubai.

“After much anticipation Emirates is pleased to now be able to offer Perth residents the opportunity to travel on an A380 service non-stop to Dubai, and potentially onward with another A380 connection to more than 33 other destinations on our global network,” he said.

“The A380 is a state-of-the-art aircraft offering our flagship product in all three classes, and we look forward to providing this outstanding experience to our Perth passengers as well as to visitors flying into this vibrant city.”

Brad Geatches, chief executive officer of Perth Airport, said Emirates first commenced services to Perth 13 years ago, in 2002.

“Emirates is continuing to lead the way, and their decision to be the first airline to introduce their A380 to scheduled Perth services is an exciting development for all Western Australians,” Mr Geatches said.

The Emirates A380 has a three-class configuration, with 398 seats in economy on the lower deck, 76 fully flat-bed, mini-pods in business class and 14 first-class private suites on the upper deck.

Emirates’ A380 Perth service will operate daily as flight EK420, departing Dubai at 2.55am and arriving into Perth at 5.35pm on the same day.

The return flight, EK421, will depart Perth at 10.05pm and arrive into Dubai the next day at 5.15am local time, a flying time of 11 hours.

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Charlie Hebdo cartoonist says he will no longer draw prophet Muhammad

Charlie Hebdo cartoonist “Luz”, who designed the front page of the magazine that appeared after the Paris attacks, has said he will no longer draw the Prophet Muhammad, the BBC reports.

Renald Luzier has told French magazine Inrocks that drawing Muhammad “no longer interests me”.

Twelve people were murdered when two Islamist gunmen burst into the Charlie Hebdo offices on 7 January.

The attack prompted a wave of sympathy under the banner “Je suis Charlie”.

Within days of the attack, the satirical magazine’s surviving staff produced a defiant edition with the headline “All is forgiven” above Luz’s cartoon showing the Prophet weeping, while holding a sign saying “I am Charlie”.

Pictorial depictions of Muhammad are considered forbidden by most Muslims.

Following the January attack, the magazine’s normal print run of 60,000 eventually climbed to eight million.

“I’ve got tired of [drawing Muhammad], just like I got tired of drawing Sarkozy. I’m not going to spend my life drawing them,” Luz said in answer to a question about the famous January edition.

Luz is about to release a book of cartoons entitled “Catharsis”, which he says in his interview was his way of expressing himself after the murder of his colleagues.

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Kiwi siblings hit the road

Caleb and Georgia Nott make up the duo Broods.NEW Zealand brother-sister duo Broods are excited to venture out of the cities while they tour the Groovin the Moo circuit.

Broods, who played in New York before GTM began in Oakbank last week, are made up of Caleb and Georgia Nott.

But despite the success they have had in the two years Broods are remaining humble.

“When I talk to friends and they say ‘where are you’, saying New York sounds arrogant. But maybe I’m a little paranoid,’ Georgia said.

“Every time we go on tour, the venues get bigger and the crowds get more excited.

“When we played in Montreal last year it was to 80 people. This year it was more than 1000.

“It feels weird because the time has gone so quickly and it feels like we have been doing this forever. So much has happened.”

The brother and sister, who have two more musically talented sisters in the family, have been performing together since they were young.

“I was nervous to perform solo and mum convinced us to team up for a talent quest when we were nine and 11,” Georgia said.

“At the time it was the most amazing thing. It was meant to be.

“When we were young we joked we were becoming The Corrs. We were really little kids and mum listened to The Corrs. We felt like it was a path for three sisters and a brother.”

Caleb and Georgia became Broods at high school. Georgia said the pair owe a lot to their music teacher.

“He understood that people who love music love to play and write music,” she said.

“Instead of making us learn other musicians songs he got students to perform and write their own music, not just covers.”

Georgia said Caleb’s acoustic guitar talents and her own love for playing acoustic songs that bare soul were how the pair’s music began.

“We fell across an electronic sound because we really liked it. You can potentially break the rules and play everything for yourself. That was a beautiful thing when we found the electronic sound, so we kept experimenting with it.”

Broods will jet over to the UK in mid May after they have traversed regional Australia with GTM.

“We mostly go to the same places for shows but it will be cool to see places we wouldn’t normally think to go,” Georgia said.

“There’s nothing cooler than a festival in the middle of nowhere and we are really excited for the circuit and to play shows with the same group of bands.

“It’s an awesome novelty we haven’t had before. There’s a couple of bands like Charli XCX that we are curious to see live.

“It’s an educational experience as well but it’s hard to be calm when you see people you’re influenced by.

“You just have to remember they are human beings and try to be chilled”

Broods play in the Moolin Rouge at Bendigo GTM at 7.50pm.

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The cat came back!

THANKS to Facebook, many locals heard the heartwarming story of a traveller who lost her most beloved cat in Bombala over the Easter holidays and was, surprisingly, reunited with it almost a week later.

The much loved Tortie, back with her owner.

The lady in question, Lizzie Waddell, had stopped in Cooma, Cann River and Bombala at the time that her much loved cat, Tortie went missing, and she had no way of knowing where the elderly feline had jumped out of the car.

After six traumatic days of Lizzie searching for her pet with the generous help of locals, Tortie turned up again in Bombala, and the pair were reunited.

Lizzie encountered such generous community spirit and kindness in Bombala and the surrounding region during this time, that she wrote to us at the Times to express her appreciation.

Following is a piece that she prepared for the paper to convey her gratitude –

“Community trust and faith reigns in Bombala/Cann River and the Aussie spirit reigns – always help and never give up. The irony of things! Statistics slammed with community support and connection.

Thanks Bombala and Cann River for transforming my worry, angst and sick with worry into faith, trust, sharing, caring. A heartwarming and amazing lot of people that put their own lives aside to walk beside me in finding my 14 year old cat, Tortie.

The Aussie tradition was ignited just simply by word of mouth. Communication action revealed the nature of the community.

Strange how it all started with the roaming Forrester’s rabbit-interested golden retriever who’s family I rang to return home. Gill was to learn that I was in pursuit of my own dearly loved missing Tortie.

Gill’s empathy to my overwhelming concern, charged her to connect in the community. My 14 year old, medicated, inside-living feline would not find her way back home – being a frequent traveller.

Tortie escaped via the small gap in the window at either Cann River, Bombala or Cooma. It was not until I arrived home from Melbourne to start a shift immediately, that Tortie was identified as missing. That feeling of the unknown! Followed by a six day ordeal, bitter filled, sick with worry.

Travelling a 1500km round trip Cann River to Canberra set in motion a search that touched my heart. I found myself instinctively drawn back to Bombala. Searching under buildings around the Bakery and IGA with torch; scent from her canine friends; familiar bedding; watchful eyes of the community; the Baker Melissa’s food; watchful eyes and sightings; Gill’s and others’ sighting; cuppas, food and beds and opening up of hearts was extended.

Faith and trust rekindled by community spirit. Tremendous! Awesome! It all ended well.

Day 6 and many miles and beautiful people later, Tortie miraculously wandered past the very Pizza Café near where she escaped the car.

I am relieved and overwhelmed with thankfulness, grateful for support and blessed with the community spirit and universe power. People cared! They really cared!

Gifts are blessings received in many ways, and the gift from Bombala and Cann River endure any loss and grieving.

Peter Hickling (Cooma Ranger) wrote: “we are all very impressed with the dedication to a much loved pet”.

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